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GTA 4: Ballad of Gay Tony Review Drops In, by E-Pig

ElectricPig.co.uk is up-front about what all the reviewers have been saying: The Ballad of Gay Tony, the second expansion to GTA IV and one half of the 'Episodes From' bundle now available for XBox 360, PS3 and PC, is the best part of GTA IV, and brings the big missing piece back into the franchise: FUN. The Pig's review is spot-on, as usual.

We'll say it upfront: The Ballad of Gay Tony isn't just the better GTA 4 DLC, but what the original Grand Theft Auto 4 should have been... while Rockstar carved out a fun story in a fantastic setting with Niko Bellic as the lead, all the clownish IRA bankrobbers and twitchy, roid rage car mechanics in Liberty City can't compare to the absurd cast and antics of The Ballad Of Gay Tony. You play as Luis Lopez, an ex-con who's turned his life around, and now acts as a business partner and bodyguard to Gay Tony, a nightclub impresario extraordinaire. While you'd have thought nightclub owners would have learned not to hatch business deals with gangsters by now, Tony's got in with the wrong crowd, and now he wants out -- leaving you to do the dirty work. Instead of simply riding out to an abandoned warehouse and gunning down mobsters, you'll be pulling off all sorts of ridiculous heists and stunts. Within minutes of firing the game up (Install time on the PS3 is around 10 minutes for both episodes from a disc), you're torturing a low level thug by thwacking him with balls at a driving range, before making a hasty escape along the marina on a bouncing cart. Later on, you'll steal an entire train with a helicopter, in a nod to the movie Swordfish, for the gold obsessed playboy Yusuf Amir (Brilliantly voiced by comedian Omid Djalili), and pull off an assassination by skydiving into a skyscraper. Yes, we said skydiving. The Ballad of Gay Tony brings parachutes back to Grand Theft Auto, letting you basejump from buildings and hijack vehicles from above.

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