Update 1/16/2021

Nice Hat, Niko!

Rockstar is very good at adding cute touches and ALMOST getting them right. In the same way that the $200 jillion company can't ever seem to find a closed-caption writer who can spell, they come THIS CLOSE to nailing a great touch on GTA IV's motorcycles.

When Niko (you, the player) gets on a motorcycle and drives off in a panic, it's the same as it's been since GTA Vice City, other than the extra-slippery streets of course. But linger a bit, take your time getting on the bike, and Niko fishes out a motorcycle helmet from the same magical bag of holding he uses to carry weapons. Get off the motorcycle, and he'll discard it a few steps away.

What's not perfect? Get on the same motorcycle again, and presto-chango another magic helmet.

In GTA IV, motorcycles are perpetual helmet generators!

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