Update 3/2/2021

Gay Tony and 'Lost' Land Today for PC, PS3

Strap It On and Get Ready to Roll With Two New, Different Bad-ass Bald Guys

'Episodes from Liberty City' arrives today. The game is a single-pack pair of GTA IV spinoffs, The Ballad of Gay Tony and The Lost and Damned (previously availabel as DLC only for XBox 360) which come complete with the GTA IV engine and assets: the original GTA IV game is not required, though the games do integrate pretty seamlessly if you happen to have GTA IV already -- and who doesn't?

The Lost and Damned tells the story of an outlaw biker and gang member, while The Ballad of Gay Tony sees you living the "high-end nightlife" of Luis Lopez, who's got problems of his own. So, PS3 and PC gamers... what's it like catching up to early 2009?

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