Update 3/2/2021

GTA IV Expansions Coming for PS3, PC

No Longer 360 Exclusive, Expanded Liberty Coming Soon

It took the better part of a year, but the expansion add-ons for GTA IV will both be shipping for PC and PS3 players early in the new year, according to a Rockstar announcement today.

The two new add-ons will be bundled in a new package called 'Episodes from Liberty City', which will come complete with the GTA IV engine and assets, meaning that while Niko Bellic's story is missing, the rest of GTA IV is there for the taking, making the new chapters available even if you don't own GTA IV itself. The two 'episodes' are the same as the DLC first available to XBox 360 Owners. The Lost and Damned tells the story of an outlaw biker and gang member, while The Ballad of Gay Tony sees you living the "high-end nightlife" of Luis Lopez, who's got problems of his own. 'Episodes from Liberty City' will arrive for PS3 and PC on March 30, 2010.

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