Update 1/16/2021

The Entire (Virtual) Internet

Why Use the Virtual World when the Virtual Virtual World Better?

One of the biggest areas in which GTA IV expands on what came before is the Internet. No, not the online multiplayer games, but the in-game Internet that your character uses. It's a story element in various missions, as well as a resource and a source of deep background info, tips and secrets.

While (almost) all of the "websites" on the "Internet" can be discovered by playing through the game's story missions, others can only be learned by reading the fine print of in-game advertisements, listening to radio commercials, or just plain guessing. What follows is a list of all known (fake) internet sites in GTA IV. Warnings: (1) These won't work on the REAL internet, silly. Rockstar has reserved most of the domain names though, and they redirect to the Rockstar website. (2) Because you're only supposed to learn about them when necessary to the story, MANY of these websites contain spoilers, and even the names of some of them will give away plot points. Be warned!

pychakilla.blogsnobs.org www.a-thousand-words.net www.americantravelguide.net www.antfarmcam.net www.area53site.com www.artthrob.org www.autoeroticar.com www.babiesovernight.com www.beanmachinecoffee.com www.bigdog.blogsnobs.org www.blogsnobs.org www.bruciesexecutivelifestyleautos.com www.bulimialovers.com www.burgershot.net www.chiropracticovernight.com www.craplist.net www.darksoullock.blogsnobs.org www.designerslave.com www.domestobotlovers.com www.dragonbrainthemovie.com www.easterislandcoverup.com www.eatbiglogs.com www.eddielowfilthslayer.blogsnobs.org www.elchamucoroboto.com www.electrictit.com www.electronicwritingtablet.com www.erisfootware.com www.eugenicsincorporated.com www.eunux.net www.eyefind.info www.fantasyleaguebatswingers.com www.fefighter2008.blogsnobs.org www.fistfans.com www.flyhighpizzapie.com www.freejames.org www.friendswithoutfaces.net www.fruitcomputers.com www.gloryholethemepark.com www.goldberglignerandshyster.com www.golfloversonline.net www.grype.org www.hand-jobs-online.com www.happyfarmersupplies.com www.heritagenothate.org www.homecremation.com www.homeworkfriend.org www.hornyhighschoolreunions.com www.huganimals.com www.ilovetoblow.org www.inyapuper.blogsnobs.org www.krapea.com www.leftover-vacations.com www.liberatedwoman.blogsnobs.org www.libertycitypolice.com www.libertycityrealestate.net www.libertytreeonline.com www.liesdamnlies.net www.lipurgex.com www.littlelacysurprisepageant.com www.lootandwank.com www.love-meet.net www.loveyourmeat.com www.modderstotallyrule.com www.money2makemoney.com www.myonlineme.com www.myroomonline.net www.onlineradiorevolution.com www.our-own-reality.com www.outdatedtastes.com www.outsourceforamerica.com www.peepthatshit.com www.pinktorpedo.org www.piswasser.com www.pointclickshipabitch.com www.poker-in-the-rear.com www.publiclibertyonline.com www.redwoodcigarettes.com www.roidsforlittleboys.com www.rustybrownsringdonuts.com www.shitster.de www.sprunksoda.com www.stopshavingnow.net www.thebankofliberty.com www.tobaccofacts.net www.vipluxuryringtones.com www.weazelnews.com www.whattheydonotwantyoutoknow.com www.whymommygotfat.com www.yourmexicandoctor.com www.yournewbabysname.com

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