Update 1/16/2021

SIXAXIS Control Works in GTA IV!

Also, Jessica Alba's Eyebrows Could Use Some Tweezing

Despite many 'scoops' to the contrary, the PlayStation 3 version of GTA IV does indeed feature special, unique SIXAXIS controls for many, many parts of the game. There is even a special tutorial chapter available to teach you how to play by throwing your controller around in the air.


While the PS3's SIXAXIS motion controls have been sorely neglected ever since they were announced as a sort of "mee too, Wii!" feature of the console, they are used extensively in GTA IV, if you wish to enable them.

Available from the game's CONTROLS menu (the same one you used to turn off the horrible new driving controls, remember?) or from the in-game cell-phone, you can enable yaw, pitch and roll controls at any time. The game also provides you with a handy tutorial that takes place in the middle of the airport tarmac, safely away from too much carnage.

In addition to the obvious control scheme (helicopters), the SIXAXIS controls also work to lean into curves on motorcycles (cool) and even to reload your weapon of choice with a nifty 'flick' of the controller that feels a lot like arcade shooters.

Obviously, the three-d space controls are not available in the XBox 360 version, and even on the PS3 they're something of a gimmick, but the reload alone probably makes this one worthwhile... it just FEELS satisfying.

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