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The Lost and the Damned and the Delayed Again: Now DL Content is February

Delayed Again, Will Now 'Ship' in Feb 2009

Rockstar Games announced today first episode of downloadable content has been delayed again, and will now be available in February 2009.


Grand Theft Auto IV: The Lost and Damned, will be exclusive to the Xbox 360 via Xbox LIVE on February 17th 2009. The Lost and Damned will feature all new content and a plot centered around 'The Lost', a motorcycle gang that played a bit role in the main GTA IV storyline. Gameplay is expected to be in the 12-15 hour range, though that sounds generous to us based on how quick some of the main GTA IV missions were. A second expansion pack for GTA IV is expected late in 2009, but no title or release date has been announced. Rumors of GTA V are already heating up, however, as GTA IV did not receive the critical success that the early hype anticipated.

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