Update 3/2/2021

GTA Downloadable Expansion Coming in November

Long-Delayed Expansion Now On-Track

First it was summer. Then it was autumn. For a long sad moment it was 'sometime in 2009'. But now, finally, GTA IV's Xbox 360 exclusive extras look like they're in line for a November release.


Rockstar is being tight-lipped about what the expansion includes, but it seems likely to include a new area of the map, with The Pines the likely candidate, as well as new non-player characters who will supply missions of the 'random encounter' variety. The expansion is said to integrate seamlessly with the installed game, so a new 'trigger point' will be available during gameplay. The episode(s) are written, apparently, in such a fashion that they will integrate into any point in the story, which means that...

[Spoiler Alert] ...they won't include Roman, Kate, Manny, Francis, Jimmy Pegorino or any other character who might, um, not be available later in the story.

The total playable time of the expansion is reported as 12-15 hours, or about 20 percent of the game's in-box length. Stay tuned!

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